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Cinnaire Solutions for Developers

A nonprofit partner for its development clients, Cinnaire Solutions has evolved from humble beginnings into a capable, effective agent throughout its footprint in the Upper Midwest and Mid-Atlantic. Cinnaire Solutions has experience in historic adaptive reuse, acquisition and rehabilitation, mixed-use, technical consultation, LIHTCs, and market rate developments serving target populations.

Cinnaire Solutions focuses its efforts on its five main pillars:

People: the clients we serve are of paramount importance. Housing and meeting their needs better than competition provides strong returns to investors.

Place: to the greatest extent possible we make great impact through good space design while working to protect our environment.

Partnerships: as a 501(c)(3) organization, Cinnaire Solutions works with strong and emerging stakeholders – to maximize outcomes, build capacity, teach, and provide opportunities for future ventures.

Pioneering: We take measured risks in areas other groups may not. It protects investor dollars with skill in securing adequate financial resources, careful planning, and elite execution. We do this to position ourselves as a leader in the commercial real estate industry.

Profit and Reinvestment: With strong leadership, corporate culture, and focus on the other pillars, Cinnaire Solutions works to minimize risk and bring favorable returns to its investors and its bottom line.

Meet the Cinnaire Solutions Team:

Azeez Weeks at Cinnaire

Development Manager

Chris L Cinnaire Solutions


Christina A at Cinnaire

Administrative Coordinator

Ed Potas at Cinnaire

Development Manager

Development Manager

Fatima Laster at Cinnaire

Development Associate

Jerrell Harris at Cinnaire

Development Manager

Josh at Cinnaire

Development Asset Manager

Liliana at Cinnaire

Development Design Specialist

Montavius outside Cinnaire

Development Associate

Vice President