Special Series Podcast: CDFI Continuity & COVID-19

Navigating and Learning through Uncharted Territory Panel

In this Special Series Episode of the Advancing Communities Podcast, Cinnaire CSO Jim Peffley digs deep into the impact of COVID-19 on CDFIs and the partners we serve. Five experienced CDFI leaders candidly share their strategies, best practices and experience on navigating and learning through COVID-19 and beyond. The podcast is a recording of a webinar and addresses frontline perspectives on:

  • Experiences they are addressing with the crisis as leaders in the industry
  • Perspectives on what they each learned from the financial crisis of 2008/2011 and how that learning applies to COVID-19
  • Advice for CDFIs as they navigate COVID-19 challenges
  • A framework for viewing the next three months and next year

Click here to listen to Episode 15 of Cinnaire’s Advancing Communities Podcast!

Download the slide deck from the webinar here: CDFI Continuity and COVID19 Webinar.pdf

Panelists with Links to Their Organizations

Jim Peffley, Chief Strategy Officer, Cinnaire

Adina Abramowitz, Founder, CDFI Friendly America

Mark Pinsky, Founder, CDFI Friendly America

Donna Gambrell, CEO, Appalachian Community Capital

Eric Weaver, Senior Advisor, Opportunity Fund

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