Chief Strategy Officer

James M. Peffley is Chief Strategy Officer at Cinnaire.  In this position, Jim is responsible for developing and managing Cinnaire’s strategic vision and ensuring the organization is prepared to achieve that vision in the near and long term. In addition, he is responsible for a newly created new ventures and product management team, customer engagement, real estate development and strategic communications.

He has held positions of increasing responsibility with Cinnaire, where as a member of the executive leadership team, he oversees Cinnaire’s strategic initiatives and expansion businesses. Previously the executive vice president of community development finance at Cinnaire, Jim brings to the CSO position some 27 years of experience in the housing finance and community development industry.

Jim joined the organization in 2013 through the merger of Great Lakes Capital Fund (GLCF) and Delaware Community Investment Corporation (DCIC), with the resulting organization later becoming known as Cinnaire. His previous positions were president and CEO of DCIC and executive vice president GLCF. Jim also spent more than a decade with the Delaware State Housing Authority as a senior manager working in the areas of single family and multifamily finance, and has extensive lending, credit, compliance and asset management experience. He brought to Cinnaire national experience in the industry, as well as an extensive professional network resulting from his work at DCIC, Fannie Mae and Delaware State Housing Authority.

During the real estate market downturn in 2008-2010, Jim helped develop and implement a U.S. Treasury initiative designed to provide state and local housing finance agencies with access to capital when the tax-exempt bond markets were not functioning. In addition, he assisted Fannie Mae in negotiating and managing an innovative partnership with the National Council of State Housing Agencies which provided access to innovative products to state agencies and resulted in a multi-billion dollar portfolio of high-performing loans for Fannie Mae.

Jim serves as a volunteer for the Housing Alliance of Delaware.