Cinnaire and Partners Launch Project Destined Real Estate Program in Detroit Public Schools

The Commercial Real Estate Diversity Report, released in 2013, found the industry to be one of the least diverse in the U.S. To help affect change on a local level, Cinnaire Solutions, Olympia Development of Michigan and the Detroit Public Schools Community District have partnered with Project Destined, a social impact program, to offer a six-week paid internship program for 11th and 12th – grade high school students in the city of Detroit.

“The District appreciates the Project Destined partnership focused on innovative real estate and technology programs combined with a paid internship,” Alycia Meriweather, DPSCD deputy superintendent of partnerships, said. “This is an intentional extension of our high school Career Academies, providing real-work opportunities for our students to gain professional experience. We envision that students participating in the program will become future leaders in this space and will continue to drive Detroit’s comeback story with their work.”

Project Destined was launched in Detroit in 2016 with a focus on increasing the number of diverse owners and leaders in the commercial real estate industry. The social impact platform, now active across 20 markets, partners with corporations, schools and non-profits to train students in the fundamentals of commercial real estate. Students learn through immersive sessions where they analyze live deals in partnership with experienced architects, contractors, bankers and developers.

“Cinnaire has always been about advancing communities,” said Lucius Vassar, Cinnaire Corporate Counsel and Executive Vice President for Equitable Engagement. “We believe DPSCD students are talented, uniquely gifted and a critical component to creating a healthier community. Tomorrow’s return on today’s investment will be immeasurable.”

“The real estate industry is a key driver of Detroit’s economy, and we want young Detroiters to play a significant role in building it,” Rian Barnhill, Olympia Development vice president of government and community affairs, said. “This program is designed to help bridge the equality gap in an industry that requires diverse involvement for sustainable, equitable development for all.”

During the spring virtual internship program, young Detroiters will learn the basics of real estate, business, investment and management. Interns will build skills through training and analyzing live deals within the community while working with leading executives and companies in the industry. For their participation, interns will earn $12 per hour, and compete for team-based prizes of more than $1,000 per week.

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