Woodbridge Neighborhood Development & Cinnaire Solutions Seek Proposals for Mixed-Income Development in Detroit

Projects Adds Housing Variety to Support Residents at all Life and Economic States Through Equitable Development

Woodbridge Neighborhood Development (WND) and Cinnaire Solutions have partnered in a multi-phase redevelopment plan in the historic Woodbridge neighborhood of Detroit. The partnership’s goal s to grow the housing offerings of the neighborhood to better serve the needs of its residents while advancing equitable community development. WND and Cinnaire Solutions, both non-profit organizations, have announced an open request for proposals to develop the initial phase of multi-use residential developments at Rosa Parks Blvd and West Canfield. The projects will be the first phase in a multiphase development plan for a nine-acre vacant site.

Since 2019, WND and Cinnaire Solutions have conducted residential level community engagement which shared the framework of the scale and uses expected for the central section of Woodbridge. Community leaders and residents alike provided their ideas, thoughts and support. The thoughts and goals guided the redevelopment plan and determined the ultimate plan focused on incorporating new economic development projects while maintaining the character and qualities that make the neighborhood unique.

“Woodbridge is a historic neighborhood rich in cultural and economic diversity,” said Liliana Gonzalez, Development Design Specialist, Cinnaire Solutions. “Our vision is to preserve the diversity the neighborhood has long celebrated while bringing new lasting projects to increase investment in the community and create opportunities to support aspiring developers. Building local developer capacity will ensure the varied needs of this community continue to be met.”

The full nine acres will be developed over the course of several years, with the construction of multiple sites occurring in distinct phases. The goal of the multiyear development plan is to create a vibrant and connected destination within Woodbridge built with variety in design and use. The site subject of the request for proposal (RFP) sits at the nexus of rapidly developing Corktown, Core City, Midtown, New Center, Northwest Goldberg and Southwest Detroit neighborhoods, presenting an attractive and amenity-rich location. WND and Cinnaire Solutions are seeking proposals to bring underrepresented housing options to the area alongside products that respond to the increasing demand for that which currently exists. This includes ownership options, accessible multi-family units, and housing scaled to the needs of those who may currently be underserved. The proposal should incorporate modern urban design sensibilities building on the history of the area to enhance and feature elements typical of a healthy community.

“Because of its central location and diversity in housing types, Woodbridge has traditionally been an accessible neighborhood for people of different incomes and in different phases of life,” said Angie Gaabo, Executive Director of Woodbridge Neighborhood Development. “We’re taking a cue from what has worked in the past and adapting it to the way people want to live today – in smaller, more efficient housing close to transit and amenities.”

WND and Cinnaire Solutions are committed to advancing equitable and inclusive development in Woodbridge and supporting the inclusion of Detroit-based, minority, and traditionally underrepresented partners in all aspects of the development process, including architecture, engineering, construction and investment. Developers active in the immediate area and throughout Detroit are encouraged to submit a proposal.

Community engagement is critical to the Woodbridge neighborhood development and design. All proposals must include how applicants plan to engage with nearby residents and other stakeholders should their plan move forward. For more information and to access the RFP, please click here.

About Woodbridge Neighborhood Development

Woodbridge Neighborhood Development (WND) was established in 2002 as a nonprofit community improvement organization to address the housing and development needs of the neighborhood with a particular focus on the physical redevelopment of Woodbridge. The organization has evolved to focus not only on keeping Woodbridge eclectic and affordable, but also physically and socially active by encouraging connectedness through development and engagement. WND envisions a new future for neighborhood development, one that gives every resident a voice in development and programs that work best for the neighborhood.


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