The Why of Cinnaire

Our Purpose…. The Why of Cinnaire

We have an unwavering belief that all people deserve the opportunities provided by living in healthy communities. This simple concept is the guiding principle that shapes everything we do. Through our lending and investing programs and range of services, Cinnaire improves lives, creates jobs and contributes to vibrant, strong communities.

Who We Are

Cinnaire is a team of more than 100 individuals united by our core purpose. A dedicated group of creative problem solvers who start the day thinking ‘what kind of difference can we make in people’s lives today?’ and then go about revitalizing communities, empowering individuals and creating economic opportunities.

What we do

We get involved. We spend time on the ground in communities we serve, getting to know the people, understanding the challenges, and coming up with out-of-the-box solutions. Ours is a people-first approach to advancing communities. As a community development financial organization, we provide creative capital solutions to projects with high social value that may not have access to services offered by traditional financial institutions. Our toolkit of expertise includes programs that lend funds, finance development and manage and build all the components of healthy communities.

How we do it

We help community development organizations, lending partners and socially motivated investors accomplish goals in underserved communities. We fill gaps in community development funding by leveraging capital from public and private sector organizations and bringing expertise to communities that need it most.