Compliance Specialist, Construction & Leasing

Karen serves as a Compliance Specialist, Construction and Leasing, at Cinnaire where she focuses on ensuring our developments maintain compliance from the initial lease up through Year 15. She finds great satisfaction visiting our properties and getting to know residents and property managers. The most rewarding part of her work is experiencing firsthand the meaningful impact that Cinnaire’s investments create for people and communities.

Prior to joining Cinnaire in 1996, Karen was a financial accountant focusing on corporate and trust funds for a Chicago based private company.

She is a longtime volunteer with Habitat for Humanity and has volunteered internationally with the organization as part of Habitat’s Jimmy Carter Work Project and Global Villages programs.

Karen earned her Bachelor of Arts in International Business from North Park University. She has several industry qualifications, including Certified Credit Compliance Professional (C3P), Certified Occupancy Specialist (COS), Management and Occupancy Review Specialist (MOR), Blended Occupancy Specialist (BOS), Housing Credit Certified Professional, TaCC Specialist, STARR (Rural Qualified), and Mortgage Banker Association – physical inspector.