Executive Assistant & Administrative Support Team Leader

Helen’s role as the Executive Assistant for the President & CEO, COO and Chief Public Policy Officer keeps her on the front lines and fully engaged with Cinnaire’s day to day operations. In a nutshell, she keeps our organization running… Since 2011, Helen has fostered Cinnaire’s culture where our staff and partners are engaged and connected to our leadership team. Her welcome smile, willingness to pitch in and uncanny problem solving abilities make her a natural fit for the role. She serves as the liaison for our executive team in communications, schedules of meetings and conferences, and she keeps the team organized. As Administrative Support Team Leader, Helen is our go-to person providing coaching and strategic direction to our administrative team.

Helen has more than 40 years of office experience, with 20 years as an Executive Assistant. Throughout her career, she has served with Ernst & Ernst, Loomis Law Firm, and Kansas City engineering firm, Automatic Systems, Inc