Cinnaire and Michigan Bankers Association Announce New LIHTC Equity Fund

Over the past 12 years, Cinnaire has partnered with the MBA Service Corporation to create five LIHTC equity funds. These five funds totaling $58 million were supported by 27 community banks to help finance the new construction or rehabilitation of 44 apartment communities creating 3,363 affordable housing units in 32 cities and small towns across Michigan. These investments resulted in more than $600M in economic impact including the creation and retention of 3,100 jobs. Cinnaire has announced that the Michigan Housing Tax Credit Investment Fund, a new LIHTC equity fund is now open to all C-Corps in Michigan. The fund will support five to eight developments across Michigan. Read about the impact of these funds and get more details on participating in the new fund here. Click here for the full story. (page 40)

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