It takes more than good intentions to transform communities.
It takes capital, expertise and trusted partnerships.
It takes Cinnaire.

Cinnaire Strategic Plan 

We are pleased to share Cinnaire’s 2019-2023 Strategic Plan with you. The plan is a culmination of almost a year’s research, reflection and goal setting and it was built with the input of our staff, our Board of Directors and a range of partners. As we drafted the plan, we challenged ourselves to have ambitious conversations about how Cinnaire could grow and make the most meaningful impact in the communities we serve. The result of those conversations is a document that we’re proud to share with you today. It is both ambitious and practical. It is focused on our future, yet respectful of our past. Most importantly, it leans hard into the Why of Cinnaire – We have an unwavering belief that all people deserve the opportunities provided by living in healthy communities – while thoughtfully building on our core strengths and expanding into new areas.

As we introduce this plan, we want to give a nod of gratitude to our strategic advisor, Adina Abramowitz from Consulting For Change, and her extended team which included Mark Pinsky of Five/Four Advisors and Barry Zigas of Zigas & Associates.  This industry A-team has been advising Cinnaire for several years, and during the strategic planning process they helped us dig deep and with an eye on the future, build out from our core. They facilitated Board/staff discussions, gathered topics for research, designed questions for focus groups and conducted many interviews. Their input resonates throughout the plan.

Our new strategic plan is bold, expansive, and builds on our strong history in affordable housing to impact our entire footprint.  Our commitments include:

  1. Cinnaire will bring capital, development capacity, and expertise to improve the lives of people in the communities we serve. We will partner with other mission-driven organizations to multiply our impact through collaboration.
  2. Cinnaire will optimize established business lines across our nine-state footprint. We will be engaged at the community level in our Priority Cities to provide capital and support services to local developers and nonprofits, especially those owned by people of color, to bring community-driven projects to fruition.
  3. Cinnaire Lending will deliver a range of flexible, competitive loan products to the communities we serve. We will optimize our LIHTC syndication business and grow our Title Insurance business. Through lending and equity products, Cinnaire will pursue not only the creation of housing, but also the preservation of existing affordable housing.
  4. Cinnaire’s development entity, Cinnaire Solutions, will grow as an enterprise and will develop critical properties, co-develop with local developers and boost capacity for local partners.
  5. Cinnaire will continue to grow and maintain a healthy financial position, including raising more diverse sets of capital to meet the goals of this plan.
  6. To achieve the goals outlined in the Strategic Plan, Cinnaire will make investments in and broaden our staff, Board of Directors, and systems.

Of course there is more – and we hope you will take a few minutes to look over Cinnaire’s 2019 – 2023 Strategic Plan and let us know what you think.

This new plan goes to our roots and uses our capital and expertise to create catalytic change, for people and for entire communities. We look forward to sharing the journey and our progress with you. Thank you for being an important partner.

Mark McDaniel, Cinnaire CEO

Mark McDaniel, Chief Executive Officer

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