A Unique Culture

culture: cul·ture | \ ˈkəl-chər, noun – The shared set of values, attitudes and behaviors that define and shape an organization. 

Cinnaire’s culture begins and ends with – It’s all about the people. The basis for our award-winning culture is as simple as The Platinum Rule – Treat people the way that they want to be treated.  It starts by creating a team of independent thinkers at the top of their game with a shared set of values. We demonstrate the trust and value we have for each member through our communication and actions. Then, we provide each of our team members with the tools, resources and the empowerment to lead and work with passion. As a result, our partners, investors and the communities we serve feel valued and empowered as well.

"When you value your staff--show that you truly trust them and provide them with the tools and support so they can realize and unlock the passion of what they want out of life--you create true leaders and people who give 100% to the work they find meaningful."
Mark McDaniel

Satisfied Staff + Satisfied Investors = Satisfied and Healthy Communities

We believe the idea of healthy communities starts within our walls.

We actively create –every day – a culture of trust and caring, of respect and service and we do business in a way that values people and relationships over transactions.

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Investing in people

A dynamic, high-functioning, passionate, innovative culture doesn’t just happen by itself. We invest heavily in staff training and professional development, and put great effort into making sure our staff, to a person, align with our core values and mission.

Recognizing what’s important

When you work as hard as the team at Cinnaire does to make a positive difference in people’s lives, it gets noticed. Cinnaire and our team members have won almost every major award in the industry, and many of the communities we have financed or invested in have been recognized for design excellence and community impact.

Cinnaire has been recognized  by The Nonprofit Times as one of the nation’s a Best Nonprofits to Work For since 2014.

The Pillars That Support Our Culture

Living our WhyIt’s not just a slogan. We believe in creating healthy communities. From Cinnaire Cares, our staff-funded charitable giving program, to paid volunteer time to serve and our Beyond the Why book club, the idea of healthy communities is interwoven throughout our culture.  

Fostering an Environment of Trust and Communication –We believe that there is nothing more impactful on people, an organization and on performance than establishing trust. We are intentional about building trust across Cinnaire, embracing the tenets found in Stephen Covey’s The Speed of Trust

Supporting Work/Life Balance – We’re a dedicated team–we work hard while appreciating the value our family and personal lives. That balance is important. A healthy work/life balance enables us to truly do the best work of our lives.  

Creating Leaders –  We’re passionate about our own ideas, and champion the ideas of others. We’re driven to lead and succeed, but practice humility and thoughtfulness each step of the way.

Advancing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion –  We believe in developing teams that are as diverse as the communities we serve. We are committed to holding ourselves accountable and building an inclusive culture where we value differences and challenge inequities.

Inspiring Ongoing Personal and Professional Development  – We are a community of lifelong learners bettering ourselves personally and professionally every day through a range of organizational training programs, Lunch & Learns, career path coaching and industry conference and webinar participation.

“Doing good work means making an effort to know the communities we serve, collaborating with the residents impacted by our projects, and learning to improve our work and ourselves. What has been exciting to me is seeing that in our pursuit of contributing to the creation of healthy communities, we are open to exploration and new methodologies to achieve that goal. The real strength of our Why statement is the actions we take to stand behind it every day.”
– Liliana Gonzalez
Design & Development Strategist
Detroit, MI
Lily Gonzalez web