A Unique Culture

It’s a rare workplace where you have the opportunity to make a difference every day – where you don’t think of yourself so much as having a job, but rather having a purpose. That’s the way we all feel at Cinnaire.

The Why of Cinnaire drives what we do. But it’s the Why of each of our team members that drives how we do it. We like to say the idea of healthy communities starts inside our walls. That means we actively create, every day, a culture of caring and respect, of service and integrity. And it means that we do business in a way that values people and relationships over transactions.

Cinnaire's Culture

Investing in people

A dynamic, high-functioning, passionate, innovative culture doesn’t just happen by itself. We invest heavily in staff training and professional development, and put great effort into making sure our staff, to a person, align with our core values and mission.

Recognizing what’s important

When you work as hard as the team at Cinnaire does to make a positive difference in people’s lives, it gets noticed. Cinnaire and our team members have won almost every major award in the industry, and many of the communities we have financed or invested in have been recognized for design excellence and community impact.
“Doing good work means making an effort to know the communities we serve, collaborating with the residents impacted by our projects, and learning to improve our work and ourselves. What has been exciting to me is seeing that in our pursuit of contributing to the creation of healthy communities, we are open to exploration and new methodologies to achieve that goal. The real strength of our Why statement is the actions we take to stand behind it every day.”
– Liliana Gonzalez
Design & Development Strategist
Detroit, MI
Lily Gonzalez web