Community Development Lending

Community Development Loans

When people have access to the opportunities provided by living in healthy communities, they can break the barriers to success. As a mission-driven nonprofit lender, we work to achieve this vision by creatively delivering needed capital to the projects that support healthy communities, including health and education facilities, healthy food centers, job training programs, mixed-use and affordable housing and economic development. We realize the importance of fostering deep connections with communities to understand their needs and work with them to achieve their goals. 

We initially focused our community development lending on three Priority Cities – places where we have roots and relationships and can leverage our work, past investments and relationships, and marketing knowledge to maximize our impact. We’ve also implemented a longer term goal to expand our program to Cinnaire’s larger footprint across the Midwest and MidAtlantic. Detroit, Michigan; La Crosse, Wisconsin; and Wilmington, Delaware are the initial Priority Cities where Cinnaire is digging deep to provide support services to local developers and nonprofits, especially those owned by People of Color, to bring community development real estate projects to fruition. We work in partnership with other CDFIs in these cities to increase the flow of accessible capital and capacity. 

It takes more than good intentions to transform communities.

It takes capital, expertise and trusted partnerships.

Apply for Financing

Resources to Support Your Project Planning

Initial Information You’ll Need to Start the Process
Multi-Year Income Projection
Development Proforma
12 Month Cash Flow Projection

Once you’ve downloaded and completed these forms, please send to Cassandra Archbold, Senior Vice President, Lending at Cinnaire. 

Financing Programs

We provide a variety of loan products that include term loans and lines of credit that support healthy communities: 

• Housing
• Commercial real estate
• Community facilities, including education and job training, health care and healthy food

Loan Products

We work to match your needs with the right products. Our financing tools support everything from acquisition through permanent financing. Our experience with complex projects in underserved markets utilizing federal, state, and local subsidy programs with help you get your project done. We offer: acquisition loans; leasehold improvements; construction; pre-development; mini-perm financing; new markets tax credit leveraged loans; equipment; line of credit and bridge loans.

Loan Purpose

To qualify for financing, projects must primarily serve low-income communities or low-income persons earning 80% or less of the Area Median Income or be located in low- or moderate-inomce census tracts. 

We prioritize projects with:  

• A clear demonstration of the social benefit (i.e. job creation, wellness, education, and training in underserved neighborhoods), and where applicable
• A goal of addressing community needs

Loans can be used for: 

• Purchase of a property intended for community facilities and property intended for other community development needs
• Construction, pre-development costs, renovation, and leasehold improvements of a building intended for community development needs
• Refinancing existing debt related to eligible community development needs
• Equipment• Line of credit to support operating cash flow.  • Bridge financing to monetize grants and contracts that support community development needs

Eligible Borrowers

• Nonprofit and for-profit entities that support and contribute to better outcomes for communities and individuals in need

• Minimum of 3 years of operation

• Minimum operating budget of $1,000,000 with exceptions to this eligibility requirement considered on an individual basis


Loan Amounts

Minimum loan amount $250,000

Maximum loan amount $3,000,000 with larger loan sizes considered on an individual basis

Loan Terms

• Acquisition, mini-perm, and/or renovation loans may have terms not exceeding 7 years with an amortization not exceeding 20 years
• Equipment loans may have terms not exceeding 2 years
• Pre-development loans may have terms not exceeding 24 months 
• A line of credit may have an initial term not exceeding 12 months


To be determined at the time of the loan request. 

Loan Fee

• Origination fee of 1% 
• All lender costs associated with closing the loan


• Acquisition and/or renovation as well as construction loans will require applicable real estate pledged as collateral 
• Pre-development, leasehold improvements, equipment, and working capital will require a pledge of all available collateral
• A line of credit will require a pledge of account receivables 

Learn more about Community Development Lending:

Cassandra Archbold
Senior Vice President, Lending
(302) 231-4424