Cinnaire Community Connection

Cinnaire Community Connection creates opportunities for people in underserved areas by seeking out and developing partnerships and deploying capital and expertise to foster community-driven revitalization.

We are working with local community-based organizations in key areas within our footprint–taking a comprehensive approach to help them advance their multifaceted neighborhood revitalization plans, advocating and supporting equitable development by: 

  • Advancing economic opportunity and ensure community members are primary beneficiaries
  • Supporting local leadership in implementation and management of the work
  • Preserving and expanding affordable housing solutions for all
  • Understanding and responding to local context with respect for local history and culture.
  • Developing healthy and safe communities in alignment with local planning efforts


Focus Areas

Detroit, Michigan

Many of the key factors influencing a person’s quality of life depend directly on the neighborhood where that person lives. Access to quality, affordable housing, employment opportunities, good schools, healthcare and general well-being are several of the key factors impacting the quality of life Cinnaire focuses on in our work in Detroit. By working closely with community development organizations and other local partners, we take a comprehensive approach to advance community-driven development plans to create and sustain opportunity rich, poverty resilient, vibrant healthy communities.

Our work is informed by a commitment to equitable community development that recognizes the negative impact and historic roots of anti-Black racism, disparate access to resources, and marginalization of disinvested communities in our targeted cities.  We believe that residents are best positioned to voice the needs of their community.  We listen and apply our expertise and resources to advance the communities’ plans.

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Wilmington, Delaware

The City of Wilmington, once a diverse and thriving hub in Delaware has faced severe challenges over the past decades. With significant disinvestment along commercial corridors and limited private investment, the City has the highest poverty rate in the state (22% vs. 8.2% statewide) and high unemployment rate (11.7% vs. 5.7% statewide), As a result, residents struggle to find affordable housing. There were over 1,500 vacant/blighted properties primarily located in three marginalized neighborhoods – Westside, Eastside and Northeast, resulting in low property values and increased crime. 

Cinnaire has taken a comprehensive approach to community development by working with local community-based organizations to help them advance their multifaceted neighborhood revitalization plans. We are focusing on three strategies to revitalize the City: Neighborhood stabilization by restoring residential areas; Investing in community facilities and increasing access to health food; Increasing local developer capacity; and Strengthening the capacity of local community-based organizations. 

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Listen to Sherita Smith, Dionna J. Sargent and
Tomyra Raiford explain how Cinnaire Community Connection is working to bring equitable development, economic opportunities and impact investment to disinvested communities.

Detroit Priority Neighborhoods
Wilmington Priority Neighborhoods

Map of Wilmington DE
For more information on our Cinnaire Community Connection Program, contact:

Sherita Smith

Senior Vice President, Cinnaire Community Connection

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