Claymont Apartments Reopen Providing 29-Units of Affordable Housing in Wilmington

Following catastrophic flooding during Hurricane Ida, building underwent $3 million renovation

When Hurricane Ida hit Delaware on September 1, 2021, the neighborhood where Claymont Street Apartments is located was among the most impacted by flooding. Many residents were evacuated on boats and the building’s basement and first floor flooded completely under water. The building was no longer habitable, displacing 29 families.

At the time of the flooding, the Claymont Apartment’s owner and property manager, Connections Community Support Program, had filed for bankruptcy and Cinnaire was in the process of assuming ownership of the building. In the aftermath of the Hurricane, Cinnaire provided immediate assistance to the displaced families, providing food, hotel rooms for two months, storage units for belongings, assistance with paperwork for apartment and emergency support applications, financial support for long-term housing and hiring local nonprofit advocate, Stacey Henry, to continue to work with residents to assist them with permanent long-term housing and support services. Cinnaire also worked with DEMA to launch a task force including city, state and federal agencies to provide relocation assistance and full support services for residents until the $2.9 million renovation could be completed.

“Looking back on Hurricane Ida and its devastating aftermath, the challenge comes down to sustainability,” said Mayor Mike Purzycki. “The flooding that occurred in this part of the City was unprecedented; we believe the issue is fixable, however, and we are taking steps to ensure that what happened here two years ago never happens again. We are pleased to welcome many of the individuals and families displaced by this tragedy back to their homes in what may be the most vibrant neighborhood in the entire City. The things going on all around here are tremendous, and we can’t let any negative effects cloud our enthusiasm for everything that’s going on here.”

On July 26, Cinnaire and new owner, HDC MidAtlantic celebrated the grand reopening of Claymont Street Apartments.

“Today’s celebration marks a new beginning for the neighborhood, residents, and community members,” said Corinne Hyzny, Cinnaire Senior Vice President, Strategic Communications. “Cinnaire is proud to join the many project partners that came together to invest more than $3.9 million to restore Claymont Street Apartments and bring 29 affordable homes back to Wilmington. This project represents the alchemy possible when state, local and federal agencies come together to support communities and residents in need.”

The event  featured speakers and guests representative of the agencies that served on the task force: Mark McDaniel, CEO, Cinnaire; Susan Frank, Cinnaire EVP, Business Development; Dana Hanchin, CEO, HDC MidAtlantic; Zanithia Oliver, Wilmington 3rd District Council Member; Mike Purzycki, Mayor, City of Wilmington; Eugene Young, Executive Director, DSHA; Maria Bynum, Field Office Director, HUD and Lead of Hurricane Ida Support Task Force; Kevin Kelly, Chairman, Leon N. Weiner and Associates; and Corinne Hyzny, Cinnaire SVP, Strategic Communications.

During the renovations of Claymont Street Apartments, not a part of the building went untouched –from infrastructure to cosmetic features – with the goal of ensuring that the property remains a thriving affordable housing community for years to come. Renovations include:

  • The first floor was rehabbed entirely, including walls, HVAC, flooring, appliances, cabinets, new tubs, fixtures.
  • The 2nd and 3rd-floor units received new flooring, paint, appliances, blinds.
  • The laundry rooms were restored with new equipment.
  • New HVAC units throughout
  • Upgraded cameras were installed throughout to upgrade security.
  • Electric meters were relocated outside, and the basement was restored.
  • Exterior Sheathing replaced/restored.
  • New exterior entry doors.
  • 50% of the roof was replaced, with the balance receiving needed maintenance.
  • Playground refurbished.

In addition, the Claymont Apartments’ task force met monthly for over a year, helping to rehouse the residents. Task force was made up of representatives from:

  • Delaware Health and Social Services
  • Delaware State Housing Authority
  • Governor’s Carney’s Office
  • City of Wilmington
  • Wilmington Housing Authority
  • New Castle County
  • Housing Alliance Delaware
  • Arbor Management
  • FEMA
  • US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)


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