Cinnaire’s Policy Pulse: Solidarity and Action

Chris Neary Vice President, Policy, Research & Advocacy

Cinnaire’s Policy Pulse newsletter provides an overview of federal policies that influence our ability to bring resources to communities left out of the economic mainstream. As we continue to reflect on the horrific murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and so many others that have spurred a movement for racial justice, we are reminded that we are called to action to dismantle systemic and institutional racism in this country. For Cinnaire to do its part, we are bringing a renewed focus to our work making healthy communities a reality.

Public policy plays a major role in those efforts. The crises facing our country underscore our responsibility to advocate for policies that seek to reverse the long-standing inequities that systemic racism has caused, including the need for investments in affordable housing and community development.

Systemic racism permeates our society. We cannot tackle it with policies that promote equal access to affordable housing and community development alone. However, these policies are a critical part of the solution. We will continue to advocate for policies that address social and economic inequities, build wealth, and bring critical investments to communities that need it most.

There is no time to waste. Discussions are underway currently in Washington about further public policy responses to the COVID-19 crisis, which has disproportionately impacted Black communities for reasons rooted in systemic racism. It is more important that ever that we advocate for policies and resources that support these communities by creating opportunities, providing safe housing, and building wealth.

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