Cinnaire Supports Local Artists

Old Town Lansing ScrapFest Winning Sculpture to be Installed at Cinnaire’s 25th Anniversary Community Art Dedication

Cinnaire has announced that the company has acquired The Butterfly Effect, the First-Place winner and People’s Choice Award winner from the Old Town Commercial Association ScrapFest X. Created by team Artistic Iron, The Butterfly Effect is a nine foot tall arbor adorned with more than 80 butterflies and an intricate network of vines, roots, branches and tendrils hand cut from aluminum, rebar, steel rods and cooper. The unique artwork was acquired in the live auction at ScrapFest. The sculpture will be the centerpiece of Hope Park, a community garden dedicated at Cinnaire’s REO Town headquarters on August 1st during the company’s SilverFest 25th Anniversary Celebration.

“We are so happy to bring The Butterfly Effect sculpture home to Hope Park,”  said Mark McDaniel, Cinnaire president & CEO.  “The concept of the Butterfly Effect – the idea that something as small as the flutter of a butterfly’s wing can inspire large scale change – is central to our whole mission. We are thrilled to support and showcase local artists and to have The Butterfly Effect represent Cinnaire’s Silver Anniversary, commemorating 25 years of creating healthy communities.”

Cinnaire’s SilverFest 25th Anniversary Celebration is free to the community. The lively event will feature billboard charting international jazz artist Phil Denny, national jazz artist Taylor Taylor, and the installation of the Butterfly Effect commemorating Cinnaire’s twenty-five-year commitment to creating significant change and supporting healthy, vibrant communities. The event is being hosted at Cinnaire’s headquarters, located in Lansing’s REO Town neighborhood: 1118 S. Washington Avenue, Lansing, MI.

“Inspired by chaos theory – that something as small as the flutter of a butterfly’s wing can cause change halfway around the world – our team created this piece as a visual representation of the spirit and growth of ScrapFest itself,” said Andrew Sandstedt,  lead artist with Team Artistic Iron. “We are so happy Cinnaire has purchased the Butterfly Effect to honor and represent the organization’s growth over the last 25 years. We greatly appreciate their continued support for local arts, the Old Town Commercial Association and most importantly, their commitment to creating vibrant communities. Cinnaire’s REO Town Headquarters is the ideal location to celebrate the great unity and community building art is intended to represent.”

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