Cinnaire Supports CARH Scholarship Foundation

The Council for Affordable and Rural Housing (CARH) serves stakeholders in the affordable housing industry and works to ensure low-income residents of rural America have access to safe, reliable and affordable housing. Cinnaire recently announced a $20,000 donation supporting the CARH Scholarship Foundation, a program providing college scholarships to students who reside in CARH-member properties.

“At Cinnaire, we firmly believe that investing in education creates opportunities and economic mobility for individuals and families,” said Mark McDaniel, Cinnaire President and CEO. “Our roots run deep in rural communities. Throughout our 30-year history, we’ve wholeheartedly devoted our resources to champion affordable housing and uplift rural communities. We share a longstanding partnership with CARH and are pleased to support the foundation’s work in creating opportunities for families in member properties.”

The CARH Scholarship Foundation awards scholarships annually to deserving exceptional students from rural affordable housing across the nation. The foundation was created in 2005 to promote education and expand opportunities for residents of CARH-member properties. It has grown from awarding two scholarships in 2006 to seven scholarships beginning in 2023. Each scholarship provides $2,000 per semester for up to eight semesters per recipient. The scholarship recipients, many of whom are the first in their family to attend college, often attest that the CARH Scholarship was the tipping point that enabled them to pursue higher education.

“On behalf of the CARH Scholarship Foundation, I would like to thank Cinnaire for its generous contribution to the Foundation. I would like to especially thank Mark McDaniel, President of Cinnaire, for his heartfelt remarks at CARH’s Midyear Meeting in Charleston when he informed the Foundation and CARH members of the donation,” said Colleen M Fisher, Executive Director and Secretary, CARH Scholarship Foundation. “This contribution will be used to help fund scholarships that will be given in 2024. We greatly appreciate Cinnaire’s support both of CARH, the Foundation and the scholarship recipients. It is through the generosity of contributors that the Foundation can fulfill its mission of providing scholarships for residents of CARH member properties for college, graduate school and trade/vocational education degrees.”

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