Cinnaire & CDFI Friendly America Launch CDFIs 101: Impact Jobs Series to Educate Socially Conscious Young Professionals  on Careers in the CDFI Industry 

Community development financial institutions (CDFIs) are on a mission to deliver creative financing solutions to support low-income people while creating positive social change and economic impact for underserved communities. COVID-19 and the racial inequities brought to light in the past year have underscored the value that CDFIs bring to communities. Cinnaire and CDFI Friendly America have joined forces to launch CDFIs 101: Impact Jobs, a four part virtual learning series beginning May 5th, 2021. The program is designed to educate young professionals on the range of high-impact career opportunities available in the CDFI industry and bring them together with industry experts in the CDFI business of doing well by doing good. The African American Alliances of CDFI CEOs, a national alliance of CDFIs working to transform Black economies across the U.S., is partnering in the program. 

“Our goal with CDFIs 101 is to inform and attract the next generation of leaders to the CDFI industry,” said Mark Pinsky, founding partner at CDFI Friendly America. “CDFIs are focused on putting people before profit, expanding opportunities for disadvantaged communities, and advancing racial and economic justice across the United States. Young professionals are a powerful force for change, advocating on behalf of civil rights, affordable housing, healthcare, racial discrimination and more. This program brings together experts in our industry with socially motivated young professionals to form meaningful connections and build a strong workforce for CDFIs.”  

CDFIs 101: Impact Jobs is geared toward graduating undergraduate and graduate students, as well as young professionals who are seeking impact jobs. The program is focused on attracting professionals of color, individuals with business and finance program backgrounds, members of social justice networks, and other individuals dedicated to social, economic and political justice. The series will deliver engaging and inspiring content focused on the unique career opportunities in the CDFI industry. 

CDFIs offer career opportunities for anyone committed to a career with social impact. The CDFIs 101: Impact Jobs series includes four 30-minute webinars, each followed by 30-minute interactive Recruitment Rooms where participants will meet in small groups with hiring CDFIs. Registration fees are based on a sliding scale from $0 to $25 to ensure accessibility for anyone interested in the field regardless of resources or income level. All monies generated from registrations will be donated to the African American Alliances of CDFI CEOs, a national alliance of CDFIs working to transform Black economies across the U.S. 

CDFIs 101: Impact Jobs is open to anyone looking to learn more about impact jobs and CDFIs. For additional information and to register, please visit: 

For Young Professionals Seeking Careers with Social Impact:

If you are starting out with a goal toward a high-impact career, you will learn the basics of CDFIs—What they are,  What they do, How they do it, and—most important—Where are the career opportunities for you?

CDFIs 101 will give you an edge because you’ll have a foundation in the basics of this growing industry. And you will earn a Certificate in CDFIs 101 to show your commitment and knowledge to prospective employers.

CDFIs offer career options for everyone committed to an impact career — no matter what your level of skills or experience, or your degree. There are rewarding career paths for people with financial and number skills, social media experience, writers, activists, policy people, and many others. Whatever your passion, you can find a job making a real social impact in the CDFI world.

For CDFIs Seeking New and Diverse Team Members

CDFIs are busier than ever – growing, hiring, and working hard to meet the demands of our communities in need and contribute to an inclusive recovery that focuses on racial equity. This series is designed to bring qualified and passionate job candidates to you.

Young professionals & CDFI practitioners will participate in four interactive webinars over four weeks starting May 5th. The webinars will introduce prospects to the work CDFIs do and give CDFIs opportunities to meet job seekers in breakout “recruitment” rooms at each webinar.

We invite you to join the webinars, contribute to the conversations, and share opportunities in your organizations for young professionals.

About CDFIs 101: Impact Jobs

Young professionals are looking for impact careers and impact investors known as CDFIs are looking for young professionals. We bring them together! To learn more, please visit: 

The Organizers

IMPACT JOBS: CDFIs 101 for Young Professionals is being developed by CDFI Friendly America & Cinnaire, in partnership with the African American Alliance of CDFI CEOs to educate young professionals on careers in the CDFI industry and bring together job candidates and growing CDFIs.

For More Information:

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