Celebrating America’s Heroes & Supporting Our Democracy

Each year, we honor Veterans Day as a national day for reflection and due respect to those courageous individuals who have served our country in the military. This year more than ever, I feel an even more intense gratitude for the sacrifices and commitment our service members have made so that we can experience the freedom and democracy that is so easily taken for granted. Over the past ten years, Cinnaire has demonstrated our commitment and support to veterans through the cutting edge work we have done in creating permanent supportive housing for homeless veterans. These projects have made a deep impact in hundreds of veterans’ lives and I am very proud of that work. I am never at a loss for words when it comes to expressing my thoughts on freedom, equality and democracy and I could easily share them at length here today. I feel it would be more impactful though to hear the perspective from one of our own staff members, Trey Phillips, who served our country with a tour in Iraq. Trey’s personal thoughts on the importance of the service that we as citizens perform in supporting our democracy are powerful and inspiring today more than ever.

Mark McDaniel, Cinnaire CEO

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