Advancing Communities Podcast: Asset Management With A&M – Troubled Assets

Coverslide of asset management podcast with Kristin bolan

Cinnaire’s Advancing Communities Podcast includes a special asset management series called AM With A&M. Asset management experts April Priebe (A) and Miranda Bialk (M) bring together thought leaders, policy makers, and others to discuss issues, share strategies and provide resources to professionals working in the field of asset management (AM).

In this month’s podcast, Identifying and Managing Troubled/Special Assets, April and Miranda invite Kristin Bolan, manager, special and stabilized assets, Cinnare, to discuss how asset managers identify emerging risks and work to stabilize troubled assets.

Kristin has been with Cinnaire for six years, where she has served as an asset manager, special assets/stabilized assets and now oversees Cinnaire’s stabilized equity portfolio including special assets and their asset managers.

In this podcast, you’ll learn:

  • Steps to identify an emerging risk
  • What triggers a project to get on the watchlist
  • How to stabilize an asset to emerge off the watchlist.
  • The importance of having a proactive asset management team with open communications among partners

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About Our Moderators: April is an asset manager for Cinnaire’s special assets and Miranda is an asset manager for construction and lease up. Together they have over 22 years of experience working in affordable housing, specifically with property and asset management.

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