Advancing Communities Podcast: Repositioning Public Housing – Understanding RAD & Its New Guidelines

Cinnaire’s Advancing Communities Podcast 2023 Episode 2 brings together Monty Childs, Senior Vice President, Cinnaire, with thought leaders, policy makers, and developers who are making an impact on the community development and affordable housing industries.

In this episode, Monty moderates a panel discussion on how Housing Authorities can reposition and restructure their portfolios to make them more affordable and successful. Panel experts include Peter Levavi, Executive Vice President, Brinshore Development; Karly Brinla, VP of Development, Brinshore; Ron Clewer, Illinois Market President, Gorman USA; and Amber Skoby, HPS Consulting Leader, D3G.

The panelists discuss how Housing Authorities can leverage Section 8 funds, RAD Section 18 Demo/Dispo and RAD Section 18 Blend to increase predictability in financing and rent adjustments. Traditionally, the federal government has underfunded Section 9. By converting to Section 8, housing projects can generate a more reliable funding stream, to be used to raise debt and equity and in some cases result in higher funding.

Representatives from Brinshore, Gorman and D3G described projects they have successfully converted to RAD, detailing how they were able to extend capital funds and even transfer assistance to a new construction site.

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