Advancing Communities Podcast: Jumpstart Wilmington Training Program Provides Aspiring Developers Skills & Resources to Build Wealth & Revitalize Neighborhoods

Cinnaire’s Advancing Communities Podcast brings together our Chief Strategy Officer, Jim Peffley, with thought leaders, policy makers and others who are making an impact in the community development and affordable housing industries. Our guests share their experiences and perspective on a range of topics, each supporting the belief that all people deserve the opportunities provided by living in healthy communities.

In this episode, Jim sits down with Ken Weinstein, founder of Jumpstart Germantown, and Dionna Sargent, Vice President of Community Development at Cinnaire who launched Jumpstart Wilmington. The three discuss the purpose and goals of the Jumpstart program which was designed to train and equip aspiring developers with information and resources needed to revitalize their communities. In 2016, Ken Weinstein created the Jumpstart Germantown program and since then, over 1,000 aspiring developers have graduated from the program, which has served as a model for other programs throughout and surrounding Philadelphia. Jumpstart Wilmington, the first program to launch outside Philadelphia, welcomed its first cohort in October 2020 and has graduated 60 aspiring developers thus far.

Check out the podcast as Jim, Ken and Dionna discuss:

  • The purpose of the Jumpstart program and why it was created
  • The components of the program and key development topics
  • The application and program selection process
  • The role of mentors and ongoing training for participants
  • The outcomes of the Jumpstart program

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