Advancing Communities Podcast: COVID & Affordable Housing Management – 2020 Lessons Learned & Outlook for 2021

COVID-19 posed many challenges for affordable housing owners, managers, and tenants in 2020. In this Advancing Communities Podcast, Cinnaire CSO Jim Peffley checks in with Paul Spencer, President & CEO, KMG Prestige and Dana Hanchin, President & CEO, HDC MidAtlantic, two organizations actively engaged in the management of affordable rental properties in a number of states. Paul and Dana were guests on Episode 14 of our podcast in April, less than a month into the pandemic, where they discussed the challenges they anticipated facing and their plans to lead their teams and the properties they manage through unprecedented times.

In this informative and inspiring follow-up, Paul and Dana return to discuss their experience and what they’ve learned after nine months navigating through COVID. They candidly share the impact this year has had on residents and their services, the programs that have provided relief, and what they anticipate for 2021. Josh Ghena, Cinnaire’s Vice President of Asset Management, joins the conversation to share his perspective on COVID’s impact on the residents and properties within Cinnaire’s portfolio.

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