Advancing Communities Podcast: Asset Management with April & Miranda

In their new series on Cinnaire’s Advancing Communities podcast, AM With A&M, April Priebe (A) and Miranda Bialk (M) will be introducing listeners to the world of asset management (AM). April is an asset manager for Cinnaire’s special assets and Miranda is an asset manager for construction and lease up. Together they have over 22 years of experience working in affordable housing, specifically with property and asset management.

The AM With A&M podcast is designed to discuss issues, share strategies and provide resources to professionals working in the AM field. Topics will include an introduction to the fundamentals of AM, how to manage troubled or stressed assets, and how to view AM through the syndicator’s lens.

Each month, April and Miranda will be inviting leaders in the industry to share their insights. During the next podcast, they will be sitting down with Beth Baar, Cinnaire’s manager of construction and lease up.

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