Cinnaire Development

Cinnaire Development

Cinnaire Development is a full-service financial partner that supports community and economic development initiatives through creative commercial real estate funds and serving as master developer throughout the Cinnaire footprint. These funds offer loans, investments and best-in-class services for commercial real estate activities.

We finance a broad range of commercial projects, including mixed-use commercial and residential, value-added property acquisition and repositioning, turnkey institutional facilities, non-profit community facilities, modern industrial facilities, office buildings, warehouses, commercial facilities, and core urban redevelopments.

Fund products include construction, senior, bridge, and mezzanine loans and equity investments. We match exceptional community investment opportunities with community-focused investors, providing market rates of return and positive social impacts, including potential Community Reinvestment Act consideration.

With a strong intent on both flexibility and feasibility, we currently offer the following in the State of Michigan:

  • Senior Debt Financing: target project range is $3 to $10 million; five- to seven-year term; 75 percent LTV.
  • Bridge Lending: target investment of $1 to $5 million; one- to two-year term; up to 100 percent LTV on sources bridged.
  • Mezzanine Capital: target project range is $3 to $12 million; two- to five-year term; up to 30 percent LTV or 90% combined LTV.

Cinnaire Development is available to help public sector or other partners to develop and/or manage funds to advance affordable housing, community development or economic development work.