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Why invest with Cinnaire?

For the past 25 years, guided by the Why of Cinnaire, we have built relationships with a strong base of investors and developers across our nine-state geography. Our professionals are experts at balancing expectations of each party and creating the best transaction for everyone. We’re dedicated to matching investors with product and doing it effectively even in rapidly changing market conditions.

A Double Bottom Line Opportunity: Doing Well by Doing Good

Since our inception in 1993, we have directed more than $4.9 billion to more than 800 development projects. Those investor dollars have helped build 53,000 units of affordable housing. We’ve created or retained more than 80,000 jobs While leveraging more than $9.3 billion in overall community impact. We invest in a range of developments that include affordable housing for families, homeless individuals and veterans, the elderly and disabled. We currently have 69 tax credit equity funds under management. We are serious about the business of providing all people the opportunities of living in healthy communities.

By investing with Cinnaire, you share tangibly in financing positive change in communities in need. From the analysts on each team to senior staff, we are committed to making certain that the best possible deals are shepherded for our developers, offered as stable investments to our investment partners and are of the highest quality for the people who will call them home.