Electric Vehicle Carshare Program Launched at Detroit’s River Crest Apartments

Dignitaries at ribbon cutting in front of EV car and River Crest Apartments

Residents of River Crest Apartments in Detroit’s east side—as well as the local communityhave access to a new affordable, environmentally friendly transportation option with the launch of an electric vehicle carsharing system through the national Affordable Mobility Platform (AMP) program.

A kickoff event held at River Crest Apartments showcased the EV carshare system and its charging station. Residents of River Crest, representatives from program partners Michigan Clean Cities, Elevate Energy, Forth, and Mobility Development, representatives from the city and state including the City of Detroit’s Office of Mobility Innovation, the Office of Future Mobility and Electrification elected officials City Council President Mary Sheffield and Lieutenant Governor Garlin Gilchrist were all present to launch the program and speak to the program’s history, context, and impact.

“EV rideshares like this one will make a real difference in the daily lives of Detroiters, connecting them to the resources they need to thrive,” said Lt. Governor Garlin Gilchrist II. “Residents will be able to go to the grocery store, drop their kids off at school, or visit a doctor with the push of a button. Governor Whitmer and I are grateful for the partnerships that got this done. Let us keep working together to keep removing barriers to connect more Michiganders and make a difference.”

Cinnaire organized and hosted the kickoff event with partners, including Michigan Clean Cities, Elevate Energy, Forth Mobility as the national AMP project manager, and Mobility Development as the national carshare operating entity.

River Crest, formerly Colony and Fisher Arms Apartments, has a legacy of being one the most problematic buildings in Detroit. In 2013, a partnership between  Cinnaire, Chesapeake Community Advisors and Building Blocks Non-Profit and the City of Detroit allowed for unique financing, a new management approach, and the revitalization of not only the building and apartments, but the broader community. The launch of the carsharing program is the latest enhancement for River Crest Apartments. Its location, adjacent to the Gold Coast, Indian Village and East Village, makes it a central location to communities seeking reliable and innovative transportation.

“Access to affordable electric transportation should be a right, not a privilege. Access to clean, affordable transportation leads to better health outcomes and increased opportunities for local residents who are underemployed or unemployed.” said Josh White, Cinnaire Solutions. “Access to this EV carshare program has the potential to be a life changer for some of our most vulnerable residents and families in need.”

The AMP EV carshare program was developed in 2021 by Forth, a nonprofit dedicated to increasing equitable access to electric transportation, with nearly 40 partners, including Elevate and Michigan Clean Cities.

AMP aims to address inequity in access to clean transportation options in communities facing environmental and economic disadvantages. The program also aims to bridge gaps in existing transportation modes and alleviate the financial burdens associated with personal vehicle ownership. Access to convenient, clean transportation modes can increase opportunities for households and support overall community health.

“The lack of transportation leads to poor health outcomes and exacerbates the issue of poverty for residents who are underemployed and unemployed. Access to an EV carshare program has the potential to be a life-changer for some of our most vulnerable residents and families in need. Said City Council President Mary Sheffield. “Additionally, the EV carshare program will provide a much-needed introduction into the world of electric vehicles for populations that otherwise can’t afford to gain experience driving the technology of the future.”

All eligible community members are welcome to use the carsharing system. To learn more about the carshare program and how to apply for membership, visit mdocarshare.org/michigan. Carsharing is an efficient alternative to owning a vehicle — drivers who use a carsharing system can access a car without having to pay the high costs of ownership including repairs and insurance. Electric carsharing benefits the environment and public health. EVs are oil-free, produce no smog and emit 85% less carbon than traditional cars.

“The city of Detroit is dedicated to its automotive legacy. From the carsharing program at River Crest Apartments to the upcoming rollout of a network of EV chargers to the city’s transition buses and hybrid vehicles, we can continue our great legacy while addressing the huge challenges of sustainability, greenhouse gas emissions and solve for air quality” said Kristin Shaw, City of Detroit (Mayor’s Office of) Office of Mobility Innovation, Transportation Decarbonization Lead.



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