Cinnaire Will Host Symposium Addressing Policy in Shaping Communities

The Color of Law Author Richard Rothstein Discusses the Role of Policy and Red Lining

On October 17th, Cinnaire will host the  Building Equitable Communities Symposium at The Queen in Wilmington, DE. For over a century, implicit and explicit discriminatory policies have been key factors in limiting people from fair housing opportunities and access to community resources – including health care, education and economic mobility. Author Richard Rothstein will lead a thought provoking and action oriented symposium discussing his book The Color of Law. Richard will connect the long history of housing discrimination and segregation to the social inequities of today. The symposium will also include a panel of local housing and community development leaders discussing the long term impacts of these issues in Delaware along with proposed solutions.

Panelists include:

  • Jason Bourke – Director, Master of Public Administration Program at Delaware State University
  • Rashmi Rangan – Executive Director at Delaware Community Reinvestment Action Council, Inc.
  • Logan Herring – CEO at REACH Riverside

To register, please click here.


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