Asset Manager, Stabilization
Job Summary: An Asset Manager oversees a portfolio of real estate debt and equity investments. Generally, this includes ensuring the financial success of the partnerships, continuing compliance with the executed partnership agreement, quarterly and annual reporting, and adherence to various regulatory agreements. These requirements are fulfilled through monitoring, reporting, and direct interaction with the owners and management of the individual partnerships.
Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
  1. Having Basic knowledge of the life cycle of an asset
  2. Holding orientation meetings on all new deals with the development team
  3. Monitoring projected capital contribution needs when applicable
  4. Processing capital contributions when applicable
  5. Monitoring operations of stabilized properties to:
  6. Ensure protection of the debt and/or equity investments
  7. Ensure timely delivery of tax credits and losses for low income housing tax credit equity investments
  8. Ensure continued compliance with applicable programs, loan documents, and the partnership agreement
  9. Ensure continued financial stability
  10. Managing and monitoring accurate, timely delivery of data to the data management system
  11. Closely monitoring and corresponding regularly with sponsors for those assets displaying signs of weakness and increased investor risk
  12. Evaluating assets displaying signs of weakness and increased investor risk for inclusion on the Watch List
  13. Monitoring action plan progress on troubled assets on a regular basis to ensure improved asset performance
  14. Collecting and processing information relating to performance of each asset
  15. Analyzing, projecting, and reporting of information relating to performance of each deal
  16. Continued involvement in industry activities, including participation in industry conferences, trade shows, educational opportunities, and other events that will benefit business relationships
  17. Continued education in applicable aspects of the laws and regulations for different programs involved in the assets (HOME Loans, other loan products, tax credit rules, bond compliance, etc.)
  18. Maintaining business relationships with investors, developers, accountants, attorneys, consultants, property managers, housing finance agencies, lenders, and any other related parties
  19. Involvement in the assessment of policies and procedures of the asset management department to assist in continually improving the performance of the department
  20. Participation in departmental staff meetings and company-wide staff meetings
  21. Maintaining a professional appearance and presence at all times
  22. Performing other duties which may be requested by management/executive staff
  23. Other duties as needed or required
· BA/BS from accredited College/University
· Two years’ experience in real estate related field
Travel Required: Up to 50%