Mark S. McDaniel

President and Chief Executive Officer

Maintain the importance of family which empowers me to help other people.

James Peffley

Chief Strategy Officer

Live out my faith and use my gifts to serve others.

Kevin Crawley CPA

Chief Operating Officer

Live my life in such a way that makes the lives of others better.

James L. Logue III

Chief Public Policy Officer

I will follow the tenants of my faith by actively serving the needs of my family, friends and community.

Deb Anderson

Administrative Coordinator

Listening to music every day. Dancing when I feel like it. Laughing out loud a lot. Feeling connection with God, and deepening relationships with my husband, friends and family. Spending time in beautiful places in nature as much as possible. Serving others in some way through my work. Feeling purposeful and confident. Growing and expanding. Living truth and living with integrity.

Ashlee Barker

Community Development Initiatives Manager

Effectively utilize and advance my technical knowledge in order to foster opportunities for social mobility for low- and moderate-income families, while maintaining a balance between work and play that nourishes me and my family.

Robert Beck

Vice President, Business Development & Legal Affairs

Do the right thing, do the best I can, and to treat others as I would like to be treated.

Karen Bensen

Compliance Specialist

Have work, family and friends peacefully coexist.

Keith Broadnax

Senior Vice President, Business Development

Servant Leadership to community and family, and to love what I do, and to know that I am making a positive difference in the lives of people around me.

Jennifer Buhs

Closing Coordinator

Continuously grow as an individual and find peace in all challenges by welcoming them with compassion and an open mind.

Yulonda Byrd

Vice President, Commercial Real Estate

To be an integral part of and contributor to an environment that craves freedom of all people; respects the diversity and contribution of all mankind; and embraces and encourages integrity.

James Dow

Analyst Underwriting

Strive for personal and professional growth, while maintaining balance, to improve the lives of those around me.

Tom Edmiston

Senior Vice President, Business Development

Inspire & help people work together to create healthy, vibrant and sustainable communities.

Jela Ellefson

Vice President, Social Capital

To cherish my family so that I am empowered to improve the lives of others.

Mark Erickson

General Counsel

Show those in my life the same respect and caring I expect. Remember the only true failure comes when I fail to progress and learn and use my knowledge and intuition to realize the other half of the glass is NOT really empty, but rather full of something else of value.

Jennifer Everhart

Executive Vice President, Underwriting

To create a community which fosters self-respect, compassion, and empathy.

Brian Feeney

Financial Analyst

Do my best and challenge myself every day.

Katey Forth CPA

President, Lending Services

To help support and create communities that improve the lives of those who need it most.

Susan Frank

Senior Vice President, Business Development

To create honest, open communities of people that support each other, are passionate about common goals, and work together to achieve excellence.

Megan Fuller

Administrative Coordinator

Create a world where heartfelt compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience thrive abundantly through service towards others.

Joshua Ghena

Director, Special Assets

Be available and authentic to the people in my life.

Peter Giles

Vice President, Business Development

Recognize my identity and to joyfully love Jesus and his people.

Liliana Gonzalez

Design & Development Strategist

To do good work that is both eco-conscious and a positive contribution to the urban fabric and community.

Christopher Guy

Fund Manager

Glorify God thru a life that is consumed with impacting and loving others.

David R. Helm CPM

Asset Manager

Use my God given gifts and abilities as I encounter life’s opportunities and challenges to achieve a successful outcome that glorifies God.

Latrichia Henry

Accounts Payable Clerk

To serve others in a way that brings joy in their life and fulfillment to mine.

Andrew Holloway

Asset Manager

To be a life decathlete; I want to excel professionally, support and inspire my friends and family in a loving and caring way, and maintain a healthy mind and body.

Robin Jablonski

Administrative Coordinator, Asset Management

Be the best Mom, Daughter, Friend and Employee I can be by being Loyal, Faithful and be honest with myself and everyone around me.

Chris Jillings

Asset Manager

Strive daily to leave the world a better place than I found it becoming a better and more effective father, husband, son, brother, friend, colleague, mentor and citizen every day, as one’s greatest potential lies in their ability to positively impact the lives of others.

Hughlett Kirby

Vice President, Business Development

Foster a world where all people belong and each person is respected for the treasure they are and the gifts they bring.

Don Klump

Compliance Specialist

Experience the joy of life thru my achievements in my family, work, community and religious beliefs.

Rick Laber

Executive Vice President, Business Development

A world where, through faith and integrity, we provide service to others so they may have hope.

Christopher Laurent

Senior Vice President, Business Development

Be present. Use my abilities to facilitate the talents and skills of those around me toward making our communities stronger and more fulfilling.

Nadja Lehman

Administrative Assistant

Find the good in every person and help others to the best of my ability and have a fun time doing so.

David Levinson

Vice President, Business Development

Be the best father I can be. Be the best brother and brother-in-law I can be. Be a better person tomorrow than I was today.

Mary Manuel

Asset Manager

Do my part in making the world a better place by ensuring everything I do is focused on my core values: Trust, Leadership, and Helping Society.

Kelly Martin

Human Capital Manager

Always be generous with patience, acceptance and compassion.

Leigh Middleton

Closing Coordinator

Live each day like it’s my last, to be true to myself, treat people the way I would like to be treated, pay it forward any chance I get, and to teach my children to do the same.

Vicki Mincey

Senior Vice President, Capital Management

Have a positive impact on everyone to make a better world and enjoy and participate in what life brings.

Tony Moulton

Financial Analyst, Asset Management

To continually pursue personal and professional growth while demonstrating honesty, loyalty, and respect to my family, friends, colleagues, and my community.

Kenny Murthum

Information Systems Manager

Live a balanced, family focused life, committed to being more present and intentional with my time; and to raise my children to know the values of hard work, dedication and generosity.

Luan Nguyen

Dispositions Relationship Manager

Be a good man and base my daily actions on that vision.

Devin Nicholson

Financial Analyst

To be the spark that ignites the flames of change and progress.

Marge Novak

Executive Vice President Capital Group

Live with a sense of purpose. To choose a life work that I believe in and am passionate about. This will help me to be a positive impact on my family and will permeate all other aspects of my life.

Sarah Offerman

Capital Group Coordinator

To move forward one impactful idea every day.

Brett S. Oumedian CPA


Encourage progress through a commitment to personal development and the pursuit of excellence.

Trey Phillips

Director of Lending, Asset Management

Do the most good that I can do, for the most people that I can, for as often and as long as possible.

Ed Potas

Manager, Real Estate Development

Grow myself and those around me through a repeated cycle of sacrifice and reward.

Dennis R. Quinn

Senior Vice President Business Development

Encourage and support others so they can become all they can be.

Zina Risk

Vice President Underwriting

To affect change where I can.

Jill Royer

Lending Services Specialist

To show others that in all aspects of life, work, family and friends, there can be adventure.

David Rudolph

Asset Manager

To grow with others through interaction that involves learning, teaching, appreciation and teamwork.

Beto Sanchez


To be happy. To me this means my life is well balanced as a husband, father, son, friend and professional. When that balance is maintained, I believe everything else just falls into place and results in happiness.

Dionna J. Sargent

Community Development Market Leader

To inspire, uplift, and empower people to find and pursue their passion in life.

Don Schappacher

Asset Manager

Participate and encourage the continued investment of monetary and intellectual capital into underserved communities.

Vicky Searles

Accounting Assistant

Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle.

Timothy E. Shand

Vice President, Information Technology

Live with deliberate purpose to have a positive impact on my life and those I come in contact with both directly and indirectly.

Ben Stehouwer

Vice President, Underwriting

To create an environment that allows for the growth of others and myself.

Stephanie Stoll


To love and live to the fullest and approach each day with purpose and gratitude.

Rich Swantek CPA

Vice President, Dispositions

To place an emphasis on developing personal relationships and to maintain a balance between my professional life and personal life.

Helen Vandecar

Executive Assistant

Enjoy the beauty of the world around me every day, maintain a strong work ethic, and be a loving mother and a true friend.

Tessa Vandecar

Administrative Coordinator, Title Services

Always be honest and loving and thankful for every day.

Jeff Vitton


Help empower communities to direct their own future and build faith in themselves.

Katie Vondra

Asset Manager

Never forget where I came from, what I’ve accomplished with the help of others and the odds I’ve beaten. Without those challenges, I would be where I am today.  Use my life lessons to help others overcome obstacles and help them live their best life.

Kemeng Wang

Financial Analyst

To be knowledgable about what I do and to have joy with people I know.

Tim Watson

Compliance Specialist

Develop and maintain lifelong relationships within my family and the community while pursuing, spiritual growth and economic success with them.

James White MPA

Dispositions Relationship Manager

To teach my children that life is about service; Service is applying Grace, Dignity, & Respect to all mankind and that “Justice is what Love looks like in public and Democracy is what Love looks like in practice.”

Josh White

Asset Manager

Live each day with purpose and be an example of righteousness within my community.

Anthony Winston

Executive Assistant

Impact the community through positive service contributions that will live beyond me.

Krista Wriston

Administrative Coordinator

To achieve a successful work/life balance, be a positive role model and lead by example.