Statement of Diversity and Inclusion

At Cinnaire, our human capital is our most valuable asset. We are committed to fostering and preserving a culture of diversity, inclusion, and fairness. We strive to provide an environment that empowers the authentic expression of diverse voices and celebrates a workforce that reflects the communities we serve.


Cinnaire Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Committee

Working cooperatively with the executive management team and the Board, the Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Advisory Committee is charged with:

  • Providing feedback from all levels of the organization
  • Establishing links to ensure diversity considerations are integrated into business initiatives
  • Implementing a system-wide diversity awareness and training program to clarify expectations, establish a shared understanding and communicate Cinnaire’s commitment to diversity leadership
  • Serving as a diversity advocate for the organization
  • Recognizing, publishing and celebrating the successes of diversity efforts
  • Providing support for the internal assessment process
  • Providing recommendations to leadership on diversity strategies and directions

Diversity Guiding Principles

Cinnaire strives to be a leader for strategic diversity effectiveness by aiming to:

  • Become the employer of choice reflecting a workforce representative of the region
  • Support an environment where all employees have opportunities for personal growth and professional development
  • Foster strong leadership which expects and models accountability, flexibility and candor among all staff members
  • Provide innovative quality products that respond to the needs of diverse customers
  • Mandate a global culture where mutual respect and inclusiveness are the standards and differing backgrounds, personal styles and viewpoints are considered competitive assets as well as a business imperative

To support the intent of the guiding principles, below are organizational behaviors colleagues will follow:

  • Appreciate and understand differences of opinions
  • Listen well and focus on the uniqueness of co-workers
  • Address issues directly with the person involved
  • Learn to live with others
  • Treat others how you like to be treated every day, in every way

Cinnaire Diversity and Inclusion Committee

Deb Toby, Chair

Dionna Sargent, Vice Chair

Robert Beck, Member

Yulonda Byrd, Member

Jennifer Everhart, Member

Ruqayyah Polk, Member

Zina Risk, Member

David Rudolph, Member

Kemeng Wang, Member

Josh White, Member

Anthony Winston, Member