It has been 7 weeks now of remote operations. We have all learned a lot about what we are all capable of during this crisis, organizationally and personally. My observation and feeling is that we have shown excellence in adapting and keeping our efforts moving. I am more than proud of all of you and how everyone has stepped up. The communication has been at a level that I would like to see stay forever. It has been so much more engaging and we need to recognize the benefits and make it part of our everyday habits. I’m committed to that.

We have worked through phase 1 and phase 2 of planning and preparation for what we have been faced with so far. The requests have been very good. Those would include moving to remote working and making sure our team is safe and settled, outreach to all of our partners to listen to their needs and plans, building a forecasting financial model that has given us direction on financial impacts and strength, assessing the strength of our portfolio of investments and loans, and most recently the publication of guidelines for returning to work planning. We will begin phase 3 next. This will focus on a much longer term view of what our industry and world might be over the next year or two. This will be deep and will require us to call on many of you to participate in task force groups to research and report on the myriad of things we have to consider to effectively move forward over the coming months. The list of issues is long and some are very complex. There is not enough knowledge or reality yet to even have a plan for some issues. But we are going to start focusing on getting a handle on the future as much as we can.

There is no question that changes are coming and that we have to be prepared. We have to be proactive and not become frozen with hand wringing and waiting. It is who we are at Cinnaire, always moving forward in a helpful, caring way. So lets keep this great momentum we have moving forward. I know we will emerge from this situation stronger than when we went into it. I absolutely know we will.

I wish all of you continued safety, health and comfort. Our team members are Cinnaire’s most valuable asset and we will never lose focus on that.

Take care,