Title Services

As part of our efforts to support the growth of exceptional communities through the trusted experience and care of our team, one of the services that we provide is a title agency dedicated to fulfilling the title and escrow needs of our tax credit, residential and commercial clients. We offer timely delivery and our principles are built on two fundamental principles:

  • Personalized service
  • Professional expertise
  • Title insurance services throughout our footprint
  • Proactive assistance in resolving title issues
  • Personal attendance at closings
  • Full escrow services
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Overlook Villas Columbia City, IN

The Cinnaire title team cares about the impact of our work on clients and communities. While great service is a must, we understand that without our expertise and our diligence, tough transactions can fall apart. We offer 45 years of combined experience and we are prepared to handle the most complicated types of transactions with high integrity and careful attention to detail.

The Cinnaire title team has expertise in:

  • Low Income Housing Tax Credit Transactions
  • New Market Tax Credit Transactions
  • Clearing Title on Tax Reverted Parcels
  • Partnering with Michigan Land Banks
  • Commercial Transactions

With the expertise and proven experience of our team, Cinnaire Title Services offers competitive pricing, exceptional service and easily accessible points of contact.

For more information please contact:


Stephen J. Smith
517 927 7955


Stacey Smith
517 927 6604


Kelly Graf
517 364 8953